Marla H. Corts Mission School

Goal: Marla H. Corts Mission School is a school on mission: introducing Jesus Christ to students, so that they may introduce Jesus Christ as Savior to their families and friends. We are accomplishing this goal through a purposefully organized and consistent process delivered through the classroom experience. Authentic transformation, we believe, is brought about through the renewing of the mind.  The Marla H. Corts Mission School is providing basic education to benefit children in the heart of Africa.


Location: In-land on the west bank of the Cestos River, Lower Nimba County, Liberia is sits the main campus of the Marla H. Corts Mission School.  What we consider the “ground zero” of this operation is the village of Dordeneewein (Market Creek). Founded in 1963, Dor-de-nee-wein is strategically located at the crossroad of the region.  Travelling to Grand-Geehed County (East), River cess or Grand Bassa Counties (South West), or to Tappita (North) you must go through Dordeneewein.

Academic Program: Marla H. Corts Mission runs is a pre-K to ninth grade primary school program.  Daily schedule at MHCMS starts from 7:15 am to 1:30 pm for 1st to 9th grades, while the kindergarten session stays till 4:00 pm. A general study class held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Wednesday nights are reserved for community worship and leadership developement.   


Student Population: Marla H. Corts Mission has 239 students on three sites. The main campus in Dordeneewein has 157 students. Then there two annexes to support families that are not ready to have their young childdren leave home. The Gborneewein location has 43 students (3 teachers) and the Nedoneewein site has 36 students (2 teachers) 

Community Impact: Marla H. Corts Mission School was established primarily to provide education opportunity for children in that region, but it has had a significantly multifaceted effect on the social, economic and psychological life of the region.