Dordeneewein Community Gbee-Dorwudu Administrative District, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia in West Africa.      

In response to Fran T. Carter’s vision of establishing an agricultural school in Dordeenewein, Liberia, in loving memory of her husband, Dr. John T. Carter, Brewster Road Community Church in collaboration with Eddie Gibson Interior Ministries (EGIM) of Liberia, is pleased to facilitate the accomplishment of this noble endeavor. Dr. Fran Carter’s involvement in previous projects targeting populations within Liberia along with her dedication to impacting lives through education and promoting financial stability exemplify her faithful engagement toward bringing her new vision to reality.   
Dr. Fran Carter, an original Rosie the Riveter, of Birmingham, Alabama and her husband contributed generously toward the construction of a library (Fran & John Carter Community Center) at the Marla H. Corts Mission School in Johnsonville, Liberia.  The development of an institution specializing in food production will serve as not only a method of sustaining life for the students and thus the community but also as a symbol of the characteristics that define Dr. Fran Carter: pioneer-ism, hard work, self improvement, service to the community and humanity.  


The goal for establishing the John T. Carter Agriculture College is to create a holistic Christian educational environment where the inherent entrepreneurial spirit of each participant is perpetuated to maximize their God given potential for the common good of the community. The mission of the institution is to: Train Men and Women Who Will  Produce, Preserve and Provide Food for the Sustenance of Life. (Genesis 2:15; 41:35-36).   

Please contact us to find out more about the JTCAC and how you can be involved.

John T. Carter Agricultural College