BRCC is proud to partner with Eddie Gibson Interior Ministers to sponsor and provide support for schools, universities, libraries and housing to students in Liberia.

We are grateful for your collective, fervent, prayer. There is power in prayer!  Now, because we were engulfed by the favor of God, and by a great company of loving mission friends, we literally broke new ground in many areas of our mission work: We talk mission, teach mission and do mission!

The Marla H. Corts Mission School has become a jungle wonderland. Through the grace of God the school has reduced the flow of city migration from the village and brought stability to families. The school has created a stable education environment; a secure work place teachers, business incentive for community dwellers and a wonderful place for spiritual development.  That is why it is said that, "Marla Corts is a family; If you come to Marla Corts, you learn so many things. If you want to see it for yourself, come and join the family."    

 The Dellanna West O'Brien School celebrates its first high school.  The administration, parents and students are anxiously preparing for the very first high school graduation ceremony scheduled for July 21, 2019. The 2019 graduation is a sign of what lies ahead.  History will be made on July 21, 2019 when eighteen young men and women receive their diplomats for completing high school. This sets it apart from majority of the schools in Liberia. By the way, D. W. O'Brien made it to the championship for the annual national community quizzing competition.


 The John T. Carter Agricultural College: The academic building was dedicated February 3, 2019. Agricultural training is now progress at the local level at this moment.   Classes are been offered for local farmers and students at the Marla H. Corts Mission School. All of this is taking place in Dordeneewein, Gbee/Dorwudu Administrative District, Nimba County, Liberia. 


Our God is Great! He deserves great praise from His people!  We look forward to sharing our story with you soon.  But, for now, it is good to simply say, thank you!  Thank you for your prayers, for your financial support, and above all else for your trust. God bless you and yours.    
Please begin to pray for the next trip and for how God can make you a part. 


Thank You !