Fran T. Carter

Woman 2 Woman Micro Loan Program

Dr. Fran Carter’s involvement in previous projects targeting populations within Liberia along with her dedication to impacting lives through education and promoting financial stability exemplify her faithful engagement toward empowering individuals.   

Dr. Fran Carter, an original Rosie the Riveter, and her husband contributed generously toward the construction of a library (Fran & John Carter  Community Center) at the Marla H. Corts Mission School in Johnsonville, Liberia.  Additionally, she has committed to the establishment and funding of the Fran Carter Woman-2-Woman Microloan Program for women residing in Dordeneewein and   surrounding villages. Her objective has been to provide an avenue for economic empowerment for women in these remote African communities that will lead them to financial growth and freedom in support of their families.