The Dellanna West O'Brien School

March 2021 Update - Dellana Rising

While progressive global citizens such as Reverend Eddie G. Gibson of Birmingham, Alabama, are determined to educate and develop communities abroad, others are desperate to combat their positive efforts. The Dellanna West O’Brien Learning Center in Liberia, West Africa has been a functional and productive educational institution since its establishment in 2003, resulting from a collaborative of several Birmingham organizations. Serving 400 plus kindergarten through 12th grade students, the institution has offered stability and hope to the community. The school’s recent premeditated demolition on February 27, 2021 by a disgruntled former property owner has yielded heartbreak, despair and uncertainty about the education of local students who cannot afford academic opportunities elsewhere. With the livelihood of this town at stake and the numerous resources invested, Eddie G. Gibson, Brewster Road Community Church and partners are determined to reconstruct both the buildings and the community’s pride.


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Class of 2019

Johnsonville Township, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia West Africa


Location: To be more specific, the campus is south of Johnsonville, in Pepewudu town. It is east of Barnersville Estate.  We are 2 miles from "Dry Rice Market", coming into Johnsonville.  

Academic Program:  The Dellanna West O'Brien School is a preschool through 12th grade program with a total of 425 students. D. W. O'Brien will observe its first high school graduation on July 21, 2019. I am overwhelmed with emotion at the progress of these students as well as the dedication of the faculty! 

The lights are back on at Dellanna West O’Brien School and so is the adult literacy program that meets during the late evening hours.  Mr. Alfred E. Morton,  a Deacon of the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church in Birmingham, first installed the solar light system at the D.W. O’Brien in 2014 and went back in March of 2018 for system maintenance and improvement.  This was Deacon Alfred Morton's fifth trip to Liberia and the third to the Marla H. Corts Mission School in the village, since 2003.  D. W. O'Brien has two Academic  Buildings. One is completely wired while the one that houses the library is not.  “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”. 


Having a resource room at a school makes the learning process more meaningful in every way for teachers and students.  Despite the lack of such facility, staff and students of D. W. O’Brien School have established and maintained a high academic standing within the community; a generous love gift from the family of Frank Wells in the USA has made a difference. The D. W. O’Brien School has begun furnishing it's library with custom made chairs and tables.  Having a library will not only set D. W. O’Brien apart from majority of the schools in Liberia in terms of having available resource room on campus , but other schools in Johnsonville will benefit as well.  On your left is a picture of the library where a staff conference is been held.